In twenty scenes, the map is describing the imaginary world with the uneven structure of order on different points and levels.
Accents in expression are sometimes personal, sometimes they are under the outer influence and often they are simply mistaken. Something like the maze whose shape depends on the mood of the observer.
Consistency is held together by the rigidness of geometry and naivety of the picture tale.
The works have been created in the period between 1981. and 1989. I have dedicated a great effort to avert all one-sided interpretations of the content and classifying it to any sort of artistic category.
The first public presentation has happened at my atelier. The years that followed, brought to Croatia the war, big sociological and cultural turmoils. Therefore the collection has been presented rarely, to a small circle of friends. In one such occasion, I was convinced to publish it again. It took me almost two years to manage the transfer of such dimensions and demanding textures into digital form.

Split 2015.
Robert ─ćaleta


All works from Rubens Map are copyrighted by author. Any reproduction of content including the parts of grafics is prohibited without the express written permission of the copyright holder. If you want to use any of the work from Rubens Map as illustration in a book, magazine, an advertisement campaign, brochure, or on the Internet, you must submit a request to our email address.



Posters (format 100 x 70 cm) can be printed on two type of paper:

1) Fine Art (kunstdruck semi matte 150 gsm paper)
2) Museum Quality (Hahnem├╝hle Photo Rag 188 gsm paper)

Packing: Paper Tube 174x80x0,02 cm

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